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NOTE: I will be away until the 24th so any orders placed now will not be shipped until after the 24th.


Colored Pencil E-Packets

E-Packets done in my Colored Pencil Technique are located here.

MUD E-Packets

All the E-Packets here are MUD Techniques. Includes air-dried MUD and some kiln fired MUD projects.

Books and Booklets

Books and Booklets - Contemporary Multi-load Technique, Shaded Wash Technique, MUD Techniques

Multi-Load E-Packets

Here you will find E-Packets done in my Contemporary Multi-Load Technique

Shaded Wash E-Packets

Here you will find my Shaded Wash Technique E-Packets


Margot's Signature Brushes used most often in my various painting techniques including my Margot's Miracle Brush.

Watercolor E-Packets

Paintings done in my watercolor tehniques are located here.

You never know what you will find in here! When these items are gone, they are gone for good!

MUDDING with Bling just added to MUD Techniques and Basic Rose DVD's


This is where you will be able to buy my books and instantly download them! Note that E-Books are not refundable. You must download them in the given time noted on your receipt.


Here is where you can purchase some of my tutorials as e-packets! Note that E-Packets are not refundable. You must download them to your device within the given time frame noted on your receipt.

Margot's MUD Ornaments

I am now selling these in my ETSY store. Please go to
MargotTheMUDLady.  Thank you!

MUD Stuff

Here is where you will find all the "stuff" needed to create my Texture Painting creations.

Original Art Work

You will find a wide range of my different artworks for sale here.

Print Tutorials

All the tutorials here are in print form


Great bargains here for a limited time.


Items to make your painting experience easier and more successful.


Surfaces from my books and pattern packets.